Unusual video approach for Tourism Victoria

Unusual video approach for Tourism Victoria

Australia’s Tourism Victoria has created a video room with travelogue style footage of the destination.

The tourist board joined forces with Radio Lynx Content to travel to Melbourne and the surrounding area to record the footage.

The destination wanted to create something similar to the travel programmes that are no longer aired on television.

The clips have been placed on special interest sites such as golf across the web as well as uploaded to visitmelbourne.com/uk-tv.

A spokesman said: “Lots of sites now have videos but it is rehashed old ads and that is not necessarily going to engage consumers. We think it will make a big difference in conversion for people who have thought about Australia.”

Tourism Victoria is hoping agents will use the footage to help sell the destinations and also plans to use them in trade training programmes.

The organisation is also mooting the idea of enabling consumers to upload their own video clips of the destination.

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