Travellanda creates fund to finance online travel start-ups

Travellanda creates fund to finance online travel start-ups

A fund has been created to help young companies succeed in the online travel industry by providing essential finance of up to $100,000 and business support.

The business support fund has been initiated by B2B accommodation wholesaler Travellanda to assist new and existing businesses with the transition from a traditional offline business to a modern online business.

The fund is designed to help start-ups and new businesses by providing financial support of up to $100,000 to help their company grow.

London-based Travellanda will also provide expert business support and advice, training on how to run an online travel business, technology and consultation.

Head of online, Arzu Sutcu, said: “Our tagline is ‘Believing in Partnerships’ and that’s exactly why we decided to start this programme.

“We have the expertise and means to help others, so we thought it would be great to give something back.

“In this economic climate, it is increasingly more important for businesses to collaborate with each other.

“We just want to keep the travel industry pumping for the smaller players and as a result, provide a lot more choices to the end customer. And that, should be the focus.“

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