Dutch OTA integrates on-board amenities in to search

Dutch OTA integrates on-board amenities in to search

Dutch online travel company Travix has integrated on-board amenities into its flight search results.

Users in multiple countries, and in languages including English, Dutch, French and German, can now see and compare amenities like Wi-Fi, entertainment and fresh food when shopping for flights.

Through a collaboration with Routehappy, Travix claims to be the first OTA to integrate the details of amenities on board the aircraft into its flight search results.

The overview of amenities and flight details is available through the Travix brand sites of BudgetAir.

“We want to make things as easy as possible for our customers by keeping them informed and letting them know what their options are,” said Travix chief executive John Mangelaars.

“We are continuously examining how customers search for and book their travel, while inquiring regularly about their desires.

“There was obvious demand for a comprehensive overview of airline information, flight details and amenities.

“And now we are meeting that demand, so that our customers can make the best choice to ensure they have a pleasant flight.”

Travix plans to add photos and videos for each airline in the near future.

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