MyRyanair platform unveiled as carrier continues digital push

MyRyanair platform unveiled as carrier continues digital push

Pictured left: Dejan Ćušić, Pictured right: John Hurley

An application that claims to speed up the booking process by 20% has been developed for Ryanair.

The initiative is part of the budget carrier’s plans to become a ‘digital travel leader’.

Developed over nine months with software firm Comtrade, the myRyanair application allows users to select their travel preferences by creating a personal profile, securely store payment and passport details and search 1,800 routes with faster booking and check-in.

Based on a customer’s personal profile, myRyanair can assist with other travel-related activities, from tailored holiday tips to money-saving logistics. It can link travellers with other passengers for taxi sharing, remembers preferred seating and offers restaurant suggestions in destinations.

The airline’s chief technology officer, John Hurley, said: “In the future, I see Ryanair as a digital travel leader that happens to have an airline attached to it.

“We want to use technology to personalise the user experience for our increasingly tech-savvy customer base and myRyanair is very strategic and central to that vision.

“The scale of myRyanair is phenomenal. It is built to handle the details of 106 million people and as we grow, myRyanair’s capabilities will grow with it. Our partnership with Comtrade was fundamental to turning myRyanair from a vision to a reality. With the team’s expertise, innovation and unwavering professionalism, Comtrade has helped Ryanair lay the foundations for the future.”

Comtrade Ireland and UK solutions and services business director, Dejan Ćušić, said: “Ryanair is a forward-thinking company with a clear understanding of the digital world and the role it wants to play in it.

“The team recognised the changing needs of the airline’s customer base and myRyanair is the perfect solution; establishing Ryanair as a cutting-edge trailblazer with the customer experience at its heart.”

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