Qubit study finds Geolocation was travel website users’ biggest gripe in 2015

Qubit study finds Geolocation was travel website users’ biggest gripe in 2015

Problems with appropriate geolocation were found to be a bigger issue than price among UK users of travel websites in 2015.

A new report from London-based Qubit, a specialist in providing personalised digital customer experiences, analysed a sample of written feedback left on travel sites.

Qubit, which secured $40 million in Series C funding last month, has published The Value of Customer Feedback report on its website today.

The top six most complained about factors in 2015 were:

• Geolocation
• Price
• Site Functionality
• Errors and Bugs
• Website Speed
• Navigation

Website users expressed frustration than when searching for flights from their local airport they were offered options for others.

Qubit said: “Using real time behavioural data, you can highlight how many other visitors from a similar region are looking at a particular package, have booked that package recently or even how popular a destination it is.”

The frustrations on price centred on unexpected fluctuations between adding a product to a basket and check out.Qubit recommended promoting offers with a time limit and offering real-time availability.

The report highlighted poor site functionality as a leading source of annoyance among customers, with forgotten passwords preventing ease of booking particularly prevalent.

Error messages are a well-known area for firms to focus on using on-site analytics, and slow page load speeds result in 40% of people to abandon a session after more than three seconds.

The increasingly impatient nature of customers is also reflected in navigation problems, with users expecting to find what they are looking for with the minimal effort.

The Qubit report concludes: “In an era where customer experience is everything, knowing what your customers are thinking and how their insights can be applied to improve their experience is critical.

“Taking a proactive approach to feedback is also an important way of demonstrating how much your customers matter to you. A reciprocal relationship is important for customers, and feedback offers vital support for this, helping drive greater engagement and promoting loyalty.”

Among Qubit’s products is a feedback survey module that used machine learning and analysis of natural language to identify the key issues users have with websites.

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