Lanyon expands RFP and Rate Loading capability

Lanyon expands RFP and Rate Loading capability

Press release – 1 August 2008 – Lanyon

Lanyon Inc, the leading, independent provider of RFP and Rate Loading technology to the global travel industry, today announced the launch of an automated rate auditing solution to enable hotels, corporations, and agencies to automate the process of checking that the rates and availability have been loaded in all the Global Distribution Systems.

For a number of years now Lanyon has been providing a hotel RFP contracting process which also enables hotels to automate the loading of rates, and has now added the ability to automate the checking that the rates, availability, and viewership have been set in the various reservation and distribution channels.

The new functionality was introduced earlier this year and, after a successful period of use with their hotel customers, Lanyon has now announced a full-scale launch of the product across their hotel, corporate, agency and travel management company customers.

“The ability for hotels to complete an RFP with their corporate clients and immediately load the rates to their Central Reservation System or the Global Distribution Systems is a tool that has been in use with Lanyon customers for quite some time. The ability for all parties to carry out automated checks on the rates and availability however is the next step towards a successful end-to-end contracting process”, said Roland Tanner, Lanyon’s chief operating officer”

Tanner added, “The response to our current version has been extremely positive, and so paved the way for a fully automated Rate Audit version which is integrated to our corporate and agency RFP tools. This will give an enormous advantage to agencies, corporations and hotels alike in assuring integrity of the rates for their travelers. We plan to announce our launch partner very soon.”

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