Comtec jigsaw taking shape

A further piece of the jigsaw snapped into place for Comtec last week in its bid to provide a complete technology solution for the industry with its acquisition of Atolis.

In February Comtec chief executive Simon Powell told Travolution there were gaps in the company’s portfolio in CRM, content management systems and rich content and that the company would seek acquisitions in those areas.

The purchase of web specialist Atolis opens up the independent agency market to Comtec and follows its acquisition of web design company, Jamber in June.

It is believed Comtec has its sights on further expansion in the near future but sales and marketing director Howard Frost declined to mention what direction that would take.

“There are other acquisition conversations going on and some of those things are still being addressed.”

Comtec secured a £10 million war-chest for acquisitions at the beginning of May following a management buyout and the transfer of a 51% stake in the company to RJD Partners.

The company plans to treble in size within three years.

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