Swapandstay.com set for March launch

A new website offering holiday home owners the opportunity to hire accommodation anywhere in the world as part of an exchange system will be launched on 1 March.

Swapandstay.com is targeting owners of villas and apartments in what it calls “holiday hotspots”, rather than home owners.

The new service will allow users to swap properties with other owners at any time or frequency instead of the traditional exchange system that insists members swap properties simultaneously.

Swapandstay.com is the brainchild of Lesley Walster, who said the new service has arrived at a crucial time in the holiday home ownership market.

“There has been an explosion in holiday home ownership, where people are buying holiday homes as an investment, rather than relying on pension funds and domestic property,” she said.

“The main drawback is that properties sit empty for much of the year, while the owners still end up paying for hotel accommodation if they want to holiday somewhere else.

“Swapandstay overcomes these hurdles and opens up the possibilities of ‘free’ accommodation around the world.”

The company claims it will be able to make swaps for members in locations as diverse as Australia, Africa, North America and Europe.

It is using a free membership offer to entice the first 1,000 owners, but will otherwise charge £50 per year for management of an account.

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