’s car hire page revamp drives up traffic’s car hire page revamp drives up traffic

Travel deals specialist has overhauled its car hire webpages.

The firm says the new pages, which went live in December, provide greater flexibility, search by car type and faster results.

Early indications show the sire has gained new travel partners and seen increased traffic as a result. Alice Mariscotti-Wyatt, editor at, said: “Our car hire pages are now more intuitive and offer users and partners greater flexibility and choice.

“We looked very closely at how our subscribers and partners were interacting in this area of the website and made the necessary changes to accommodate them. The search results are improved as a result and returning faster than before.”

The main changes include the flexibility to collect and drop at either airport or city locations and destinations; and the pricing is clearer, showing both daily and full price of rental alongside each other.

The firm said the result is a better comparison per car type and the partner logos are more prominent so travellers can see easily who they are booking with.

The new pages are also now more mobile friendly – search filters sit at the top of the page, with lead in prices visible below.

Mark Attwell, managing director at, added: “From a sales and commercial perspective since launch, new partners have come on board, with others expected to follow suit soon.

“With this page we are aiming to do more cross-sell, encouraging users already looking at other areas of the site to consider our car hire comparison search as well. “

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