Skyscanner takes step into business travel with TravelPro

Skyscanner takes step into business travel with TravelPro

Skyscanner is making a move into business travel – and bypassing travel agents – with a new service designed to simplify the corporate travel booking process.

Skyscanner TravelPro connects the travel search firm’s flights and hotels search engine to a new workflow and sharing system, allowing multiple people to plan, book and analyse business trips in a single place.

One person can share a trip with another so they can book or feed back on it. This removes the hassle of travel options lost in inboxes, screen prints of flights and hotels, confusion over travel policies and over-spent travel budgets.

“It also bids farewell to expensive travel agents,” the company added.

Skyscanner TravelPro comes in the form of an intuitive app and website, designed specifically for business use, particularly small to medium sized businesses.

The service is in beta at the moment and has already been tested in a “rigorous environment”. Skyscanner has been using it as its in-house travel agent and the money transfer website, TransferWise, has also been a client.  

“If you travel for business and someone else books travel for you, this is the app for you”, said TravelPro lead Ross McNairn. 

“We have worked to overcome a classic problem that many small to medium companies face – the waste of money and time on travel planning and booking.

“Skyscanner TravelPro brings all the steps required to book a trip into a single, simple-to-use workflow that can be shared with anyone. We estimate it saves 30 minutes of precious time per trip, plus the 5-10% fees of a travel agent.”  

TransferWise travel co-ordinator, Marta Kutt, added: “The efficiencies saved by TravelPro, both in terms of time and money, mean that it’s quickly become an invaluable tool for the business. It’s taken the pain out of travel planning and booking.”

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