FLIO global airport app adds payment functionality with UK the launch market

FLIO global airport app adds payment functionality with UK the launch market

Global airport app FLIO has developed new in-app payment functionality enabling users to buy extras like Heathrow Express tickets and lounge passes.

The new payment adds to existing features like one-click access to free airport Wi-Fi, comprehensive airport information and exclusive retail offers.

FLIO’s new payment system will initially launch in the UK before being rolled out globally. Heathrow Express and Aspire Lounges by Swissport are its UK launch partners.

Stephan Uhrenbacher, chief executive of FLIO, said: “Our goal is to make FLIO the one-stop solution for every airport need.

“The ability to pay for services like Heathrow Express and Aspire Lounges are an important part of the airport experience, and FLIO’s new payment feature makes buying tickets quick and easy.

“In the coming months, we plan to expand our payment system to many more countries and airports in order to connect travellers with the services and retailers most important to them.”

Heathrow Express director, Fraser Brown, said: “We are always looking to use technology to help enhance our passenger experience. We don’t have ticket barriers, so our customers already enjoy a seamless experience between the plane and central London.”

“We already offer the fastest journey time between Heathrow and central London. Enabling global travellers to buy our tickets using FLIO will make it a seamless and simple journey for them to travel on our trains.”

Mike Barton, general manager UK lounges at Swissport, said: “As we continue to grow Aspire, we are always looking for opportunities to introduce the brand to new audiences.

“FLIO is a great partner for us because their service helps people get the most out of their airport experience, and what better way for travellers to begin their trip than with a visit to one of our lounges.”

Swissport is offering FLIO users a 20% discount for the month of November.

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