Click-through rates boosted by rich media content

Rich content such as videos, 360 degree virtual tours and digital brochures will be key differentiators for travel websites, according to a leading figure.

Content management and distribution specialist ICE Portal plans to unveil figures at the EyeForTravel conference this week demonstrating the power of rich visual content.

According to ICE Portal’s president Henry Woodman, the content draws more people to websites, increases click through rates on advertising, and encourages conversion.

He will reveal statistics based on the hotel industry demonstrating that where rich media is employed unique visitors to a site increase 13% on average and click through rates are up to five times better than for still images.

In addition, after viewing some form of rich media consumers are twice as likely to stay on the website to find out more compared with a site where there is no rich media and conversion rates are 46% higher. 

Woodman will also show travel companies how visual media can create personalisation and draw consumers away from thinking about just the price.

He plans to present the figures at a session entitled Visual Content and the Travel Industry on Wednesday morning.

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