Black Tomato launches bespoke wedding proposal service

Black Tomato launches bespoke wedding proposal service

Luxury OTA Black Tomato has launched a wedding proposal service.

The company has been helping clients organise ad hoc proposals for many years, but recently took the decision to offer a specifically-designed service.

In the past the company has built clients entire itineraries that lead to the proposal and responded to spontaneous calls from customers when they have decided to pop the question, with a bit of help, while already away.

Examples have included rings buried in glaciers, scavenger hunts through Paris and eagles dropping rings into a couple’s hand.

The Black Tomato Proposal Service involves the company receiving a brief, getting to know the couple and building a proposal experience from scratch. The categories will include Originality, Classic, Privacy, Showstopper and Epic Experience.

Extra services, such as the presence of a photographer, are also bookable.

Tom Marchant, Black Tomato co-founder, said: “After providing numerous proposal trips for romantic travellers over the last decade, we decided that there was enough interest to create a service that’s specifically designed around creating these kinds of innovative trips.

“But creating the service wasn’t just a business driven decision, we also wanted to create this service as we know that proposal planning is something that a lot of people struggle with and saw a chance to help a niche request that we had been seeing emerge.

“After looking at the popularity of our honeymoon service, we thought creating a designated proposal service would be a great way to utilise our skills and really challenge our travel experts to reach a new, previously undiscovered peak of romantic travel experiences.”

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