Global Travel Group to offer one-one-one social media training for agent members

Global Travel Group to offer one-one-one social media training for agent members

One-on-one social media training is being offered to members of the Global Travel Group as part of a beefing up of services following feedback from agents.

Members will also be asked to feed into supplier meetings and be the first to trial the latest technology as part of the consortium’s commitment to develop its offering.

The group is working with airlines, cruise lines and tourist boards to increase fam trip opportunities, while product managers are liaising with hotels to provide exclusive deals for members.

Quarterly meetings have started with a new advisory panel to discuss all aspects of the Global membership offering.

Chaired by managing director Andy Stark and the senior management team, a second meeting provided an opportunity for the group to share updates on action taken following the debut meeting in March and learn from member feedback.

In other developments, a number of advisory group members will trial a new customer relationship management system.

This will enable them to share their suggestions and improvements before being introduced to the consortium’s 360 members.

A new calendar section on the member’s intranet enables agents to share their feedback and queries for the Global team to address on their behalf.

Stark said: “It’s great to have the chance to work with the new advisory panel, the members involved represent a broad spectrum of agents with a wide range of industry experience.

“All of the agents know what they want and with the range of members involved a number of different views, perspectives and feedback points are brought to the table.

“The aim of the panel is to offer feedback and help shape future decisions and it’s great that we are able to listen, learn from their first hand experience and take action.”

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