Amadeus reveals 9.7% profit growth in first quarter of 2015

Amadeus reveals 9.7% profit growth in first quarter of 2015

Adjusted first quarter profit for Amadeus rose by 9.7% to €209.9 million over the same period last year.

This was driven by an increase in revenue of 14% to €989.4 million, and earnings [EBITDA] growth of 10.9%, to €389.6 million.

Total travel agency air bookings were up by 11.4% in the three months to almost €140 million.

Revenue for Amadeus’s distribution business was up by 10.7% to €721.6 million, as its market share expanded by 2.4 percentage points to 42.3%.

Bookings made by more than 80 low-cost carriers, including Ryanair and easyJet, through travel agencies using Amadeus increased 19% year-on-year.

The technology company’s IT Solutions business saw airline passengers boarded rise by 8.4% to 165.3 million.

Luis Maroto, president and chief executive, said: “Our consistent market share growth and successful entry into new areas, combined with organic growth and contributions from recent successful acquisitions, has allowed us to report further increases in revenue and profitability.

“Distribution remained a reliable source of strong growth with revenue rising 10.7%, thanks to a 2.4 percentage point expansion in global market share coming from increased US and South Korean bookings.

“IT Solutions fulfilled its strong growth potential with a significant increase in revenue of 24%, largely driven by Asia-Pacific with additional rises in passengers boarded and contracts such as China Airlines.”

“In the new businesses area, our ambition to build a hotel community model took a significant step forward as it was announced we are working with InterContinental Hotels Group to build its Guest Reservation System; and Airport IT has expanded further in the key North American market by acquiring Air-Transport IT Services, whose solutions are used by 30 of the busiest 50 US airports.

“We remain confident that our portfolio of innovative travel solutions and strong customer relationships will allow steady growth across our business throughout the remainder of 2015.”

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