Brazil’s TAM Airlines migrates to Sabre’s reservation system

Brazil’s TAM Airlines migrates to Sabre’s reservation system

South American airline group LATAM Airlines is to unify its passenger booking capabilities with Sabre.

Brazil-based TAM Airlines will migrate to the SabreSonic Customer Sales & Service technology, creating a unified reservation system for the entire airline group.

TAM’s migration to the system represents the largest ever passenger reservations system implementation for the Latin American commercial aviation industry, Sabre claims.

The deal is seen as a significant technology enhancement for the airline group, which spans LAN Airlines in Chile and its affiliates in Peru, Argentina, Colombia and Ecuador, as well as TAM Airlines in Brazil and its affiliates.

LAN Airlines implemented the Sabre reservation system in 2012.

The airline grouping carries more than 67 million passengers a year across an expanding network of flights covering 135 destinations.

Enrique Cueto, chief executive, said: “The growth strategy of the group is based on driving a highly differentiated passenger experience, with consistency and operational efficiency across the entire network. Sabre’s technology is an essential factor to successfully achieving this goal.”

Tom Klein, chief executive of Sabre, added: “LATAM Airlines Group is one of the world’s largest and most successful airline groups, and Sabre is proud to expand our relationship as one of their key technology providers.”

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