Intuitive simplifies booking return flights with different airlines

Intuitive simplifies booking return flights with different airlines

‘Mix and match’ flights are being made available through the web-based iVector booking platform by travel technology company Intuitive.

The new initiative combines two single searches when a user looks for a return flight.

This enables them to find and book the most suitable flights even if the airline is different for the outbound and return journeys.

The platform also allows flights to be booked across different booking engines.

The technology enables users to book flights using two different suppliers for each leg; for example, using Multicom out and Ypsilon for the return flight.

Customers will benefit from increased choice in their flight options, better fares and more flexible flight times, Intuitive claims.

‘Mix and match’ bookings now make up an average of a quarter of all sales. The new development has also contributed to increased conversions.

Businesses using the technology gain access to a dashboard with customer search information. This allows companies to manage their offerings quickly and accurately using real data, rather than assumptions about customer requirements.

Jackie Groves, sales and marketing director of Intuitive, said: “It’s great to see the positive impact ‘mix and match’ flights have for our customers so far and we’re excited about its potential for both businesses and holidaymakers alike.”

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