TTE 2015: Inspirational airfare shopping will benefit all channels, says Vayant

TTE 2015: Inspirational airfare shopping will benefit all channels, says Vayant

A new tie-up between Vayant Travel technologies and destination content provider Arrival Guides will allow airlines to offer a more inspirational multi-channel shopping experience.

Eric Dumas, chief executive of the air fare search specialist, said that the additional content on its platform heralds the move towards an Amazon-style shopping basket approach to airfare retailing.

He said this would enhance the offering but also allow airlines to push their fares and ancillary products through whichever channels they choose.

“The low cost airlines have shown the path down which airlines can go to enable a substantial amount of revenue to come from ancillaries.

“NDC (New Distribution Capability) which is being piloted by Iata has been airline driven but really helps to consolidate how the sales offer of an airline can be distributed and communicated to whoever want to access it, which ever channel, while keeping the strengths of the GDSs.

“Vayant is all about enabling airlines to provide their sales offer which includes flights and merchandising of ancillary services to their various distribution channels.”

The Arrival Guides tie-up means that destination information can be embedded into the sales process, said Dumas.

“We have a platform to enable inspirational shopping. We can provide images of the destination as way of enhancing the experience,” he said.

Bulgaria-based Vayant offers airlines travel agents and start-ups cutting edge fast airfare search technology, seen as rivalling Google’s ITA Software that sits behind its Flight Search product.

Asked about the impact of Flight Search, which was launched in the UK in March 2013, but has not appeared to have made a huge impact, Dumas said: “Never underestimate the sleeping wolf. As far as we are concerned there are multiple players in the industry and ITA is one of them.”

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