Lufthansa first airline using real-time flight cost data on digital ads

Lufthansa first airline using real-time flight cost data on digital ads

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Real-time data on flight costs being fed into digital advertisements is now offered to help airlines target travellers with personalised promotions that include the cheapest fares.

Lufthansa is the first carrier to take up the price-driven solution, with initial results claiming to show a more than doubling of conversion rates.

The initiative comes from a collaboration between performance marketing company Criteo and air fare search firm Vayant Travel Technologies.

The partnership was created as a result of the German airline connecting the two businesses looking for advertising results that would be highly relevant to its customers.

It comes against a background of 92% of consumers identifying cost as the most important factor in their decision whether or not to purchase an airline ticket.

Eric Eichmann, president and chief operating officer of Criteo, said: “By incorporating data from Vayant’s platform, we’re able to ensure personalised airline ads are displaying the most tailored prices in real-time to consumers across every device and touch point – display, in-app, email and mobile.

“This new solution is something very few airlines are doing in their digital marketing today and we’re pleased to partner with Vayant to make it happen.”

Eric Dumas, chief executive of Vayant, said: “Now that we’ve joined the powers of air fare search by Vayant and marketing technology by Criteo, we have opened new doors to airline marketing executives.

“This is a solution that we have implemented smoothly with little effort by the airline and it has led to immediate positive impact on online ticket sales.”

Sebastian Riedle, Lufthansa’s global online sales and mobile director, said: “This partnership allows us to improve our customers’ shopping experience by making potential travellers more aware of competitive fares for itineraries they’ve expressed interest in. As a result, we are seeing a significant increase in traffic to our site.”

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