Search Travel Online alters strategy with relaunch

Co-Operative Group-owned website is relaunching with a significant switch in focus to towards price-led holidays.

The site is moving away from what it called a “supermarket” style design and functionality in order to push low prices and certain key destinations such as Majorca and Benidorm.

The relaunch is the result of a long research project to evaluate how users interacted with the previous site.

Product manager Daniel Eyre said: “The study showed that, without doubt, the key factor for their customers looking for package holidays to the popular summer and winter sun destinations is price.

“As we have a huge selection of holidays and resort on offer in each of our 12 major destinations and can usually boast the best prices, it made perfect sense to shift our graphic positioning from that of being a supermarket offering thousands of great holidays to that of being extremely price led.”

The site was redesigned and optimised by London-based agency Lead Generators.

Managing director Frank Orman said: “With three or four competing USPs, it was always going to be tricky to elevate one above the others while keeping everything as simple as possible.

“This is the core of site conversion strategy. It was a real challenge, but we are proud of what we have achieved.”

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