study finds travellers fail to maximise opportunities study finds travellers fail to maximise opportunities

Two thirds (63%) of today’s travellers do not believe they are making the most of their travel opportunities, new research reveals.

The result comes from a study of more than 20,500 global travellers to uncover the barriers and anxieties which prevent people from making the most of every trip.

Despite a world of opportunities, one in five people (20%) have never felt limitless on holiday and one in ten have only ever felt limitless once, according to the poll.

However, almost half (44%) of people worldwide expressed an aspiration to be a limitless traveller and more than three quarters (78%) want to make the most of every travel experience and travel with no regrets.

A common worry is the language barrier, as 28% of respondents agreed this can hold them back from planning a trip.

One in five (20%) are nervous about getting lost without speaking the local language.

Travellers believe they are being held back by struggles to find accommodation (34%) and 26% feel anxious about unfamiliar situations when travelling.

When asked what would remove travel barriers and anxieties for future trips, the top factors respondents called out were great accommodation options (37%), positive reviews from other travellers (35%), being able to ask questions and directions in the local language (26% and 23%), and being able to order their favourite food (22%).

More than half (52%) of travellers admitted to using technology frequently while travelling.

One in two (55%) travellers think the best thing about travel is getting outside their comfort zone, confirming that they want more unique travel experiences.

The top getaways they haven’t done because they are too afraid, but would love to try one day include:

• Volunteering trip (39%)
• Gourmet adventure (38%)
• Mystery trip (38%)
• Sabbatical trip (36%)
• Ancestry trip to find out about their heritage (36%)

The top five trips that people have already been on and would like do again are:

• Road trip (54%)
• Last minute trip (38%)
• Solo trip (34%)
• Long distance train journey (32%)
• Backpacking or hiking trip (30%) senior vice president and chief marketing officer Pepijn Rijvers said: “Travel can fulfil dreams, exposes us to new experiences, and ultimately enriches our lives for the better.

“Not only do we want to connect travellers with amazing places to stay, but we also provide knowledge and advice about a destination so that no matter where you choose to go, you can feel inspired to see more, go further and embrace every amazing opportunity along the way.”

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