Skyscanner makes Trip available to OTAs through API

Skyscanner makes Trip available to OTAs through API

Skyscanner has made content from its Trip by Skyscanner portal available to the travel industry through an API.

It means those selling travel online can embed photos, reviews, and information about regions and points of interest available to customers browsing their sites.

Skyscanner says this is there “to both inform their booking decisions and provide in-trip inspiration”.

It has 19 patented “Tribes” (or travel styles) which include Luxury, Foodie and Family-friendly, that aim to tailor a user’s travel experience before, during and after their trip.

The API also provides live recommendations driven by time of day, weather and location.

Trip by Skyscanner, which used to be called, is available via API to companies that offer travel inspiration, trip planning, travel bookings, transportation, accommodation and destination marketing.

Gil Harel, senior vice president of business development at Trip by Skyscanner said: “Trip by Skyscanner decided to offer an API so that partners can allow their users to make informed decisions on where to go, how to book, and what to do on their trips.

“This creates a complete travel experience that not only benefits the user but also the partner by boosting brand loyalty and booking rates.”

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