Top 10 performing UK travel ads of 2017 revealed by YouTube

Top 10 performing UK travel ads of 2017 revealed by YouTube

YouTube has revealed the best performing travel adverts on the video sharing platform in 2017.

The ranking takes account of views but does not use this indicator alone. The top 10 (listed below) is calculated using an algorithm that factored in organic and paid views, watch time and audience retention.

Stephany van Willigenburg, senior industry head of travel, at YouTube parent Google, said: “There’s no golden secret to creating ads that perform well – you just need to engage your audience.

“Within the top travel ads of 2017, we can see a wide range of styles and narratives to achieve this. The best advertisers don’t rely on just one key ad or creative – rotating between at least three ads to reach your desired audience will give you the best results. The top trends we see cropping up in the more successful ads include:

“Know your audience: Understanding who you are speaking to is essential crucial for any ad campaign. YouTube’s viewers are engaged and pay attention to what they’re watching – so it’s important to get the message right. A practical approach worked for TfL, and a immersive demonstration of the luxury available on Qatar Airways spoke well to its key audience. TUI took a fun-based approach using a reworked version of a popular song to target potential holiday-makers. This is ultimately the key for any brand campaign on YouTube – know your audience, understand what they like to watch, and base your creative strategy on these insights.

“Making the old seem new: whether using tech to fly around the best features of Norwich Cathedral or reminding viewers of the 176 year history of Thomas Cook, traditional brands show how they can leverage their history in new and exciting ways without losing the heritage at the heart of what they do. Playing to a brand’s strengths is key – and often this can be history and familiarity just as much as exciting new technologies.

“Tell a visual story: Center Parcs brings a child’s tale to life in vivid visual detail, while shows us the varied stories we could encounter on our travels. Focusing on our love of great stories has always been a key for good advertising – and the best ads embrace the brand narrative in a way that pulls in the viewer and demonstrates to them the kind of memories they could make on their own holiday.”

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