Wanup unveils new Wi-Fi solution

Wanup unveils new Wi-Fi solution

Hotel loyalty club Wanup has unveiled a new Wi-Fi solution for partners.

The scheme is being introduced at the Sunborn London floating hotel in Royal Victoria Docks.

Guests staying at the 120-metre yacht hotel will be able to sign up to Wanup’s loyalty club by logging in via their preferred social media platform, and joining the guest Wi-Fi  network free of charge.

Wanup founder and executive president Guillermo Vallet said: “We are delighted to welcome Sunborn London as our launch partner for this innovative guest Wi-Fi  loyalty solution.

“This product is a key strategic tool for Wanup partner hotels and will be used to generate great results across our portfolio.

“This new technology is of great benefit to properties as it allows the creation of a strong and rich guest database with deeper insights on guests than would normally be attainable through a traditional member sign-up.

“It also renders easier the communication process easier with in-house guests for the benefit of offering additional value or upselling.”

Sunborn London general manager Arun Kumar added: “Being strategically placed next to ExCeL, frequent travellers are our target market and we are always looking for new ways to engage with and learn more about our guests.

“Wanup is a unique company going to great lengths to discover more about the new frequent traveller and as part of this new initiative with them we will now gain a greater understanding of our customer.

“As a one-of-a-kind hotel we are delighted to be working with a loyalty club with such a unique association of hotels.”

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