UK third main source market for Bedsonline

UK third main source market for Bedsonline

The UK has emerged as the third main source market for global trade-only accommodation and ancillaries provider Bedsonline in the past year.

The Hotelbeds Group subsidiary confirmed Spain as the preferred country for UK travellers in the 12 months to September.

Tenerife and Majorca were the top destinations, followed by Orlando and Lanzarote – which saw a 46% growth in sales – and the Algarve.

The average length of stay for UK travellers with bookings made via the Bedsonline platform was 3.96 nights.

Spain was the top source market, followed by Mexico, the UK, France and Portugal.

The most requested destinations were Madrid and Barcelona, followed by Paris, Tenerife and New York.

Moreover, Bedsonline has consolidated turnover in North America, where it has grown 30% in the United States and 51% in Canada compared to the previous fiscal year.

The number of hotels available via Bedsonline has grown from 120,000 to more than 170,000 as a result of the recent integration of Tourico Holidays and GTA into Majorca-based Hotelbeds.

Bedsonline sales director Carlos Feliu said: “We have always been committed to internationalisation and diversification.

“It is for this reason that, although Spain is our main market, we have achieved excellent results in fast growing markets such as North America.

“We also confirmed once again Spain as our main source market, ratifying the maturity of the market where we started operating in 2004.

“In addition to this commitment, this year we have also focused on strengthening our commercial teams, especially in Spain.

“In this market we have managed to increase by 40% the size of our commercial team with the aim of offering a more consultancy-based service, according to the new needs of travel agents.

“Our technological capabilities are one of the main keys of our success. For example, the technological platform of the group to which we belong handles each day around one billion searches. This technological approach has not only allowed us to increase our sales capacity, but also to improve the experience of our clients.

“Looking ahead to next year, our firm will continue to expand its sales force in countries with great growth potential in both America and Asia.”

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