New Beachcomber website slashes load times

New Beachcomber website slashes load times

Beachcomber Resorts & Hotels has reduced its website page load times from minutes to seconds in a deal with CDNetworks.

The content delivery networks and cloud security solutions provider is helping the Mauritius-based hotel group to accelerate its digital expansion into China and other emerging markets like Russia.

Beachcomber’s website first launched in 2010 but the company is now opting  to invest in boosting online sales, which now account for 15% of sales. It has invested “heavily” in marketing and has developed a multimedia website with a focus on images and videos. But Beachcomber said its content loads slowly in its target markets, where internet networks are often unreliable.

Benoît Pierre, Beachcomber’s digital solutions manager, said: “We needed to find a supplier that could accelerate our website worldwide – and especially in China, Russia, and the emerging markets of South America and Africa – so we could get the most out of our marketing investment. We selected CDNetworks because of its many points of presence in China and our other target markets, and are very pleased today with the choice we’ve made. They have French and English-speaking support teams who are perfectly up-to-date with local technical and legal requirements. Today, our Chinese website loads in just a few seconds – down from a few minutes previously.”

CDNetworks also helped accelerate Beachcomber’s dynamic website content so it can calculate hotel-room rates based on selected reservation dates by making real-time price calculations.

It was also on hand to assist when Beachcomber was hit by a large-scale cyber attack when the website was still being developed.

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