Amadeus and BA embark on pilot of new One Order Iata ancillaries standard

Amadeus and BA embark on pilot of new One Order Iata ancillaries standard

Amadeus has started a pilot with British Airways on new Iata One Order standard for selling ancillaries in a more streamlined and efficient way.

In a blog post Manuel Midon, head of airlines, northern and western Europe at Amadeus IT Group, said the results will be shared with Iata and other industry players.

He said: “Anything that creates less paperwork and makes travel simpler is a welcomed innovation.

“Airlines are selling more ancillaries and using more elaborate merchandising techniques. This means accounting procedures and operations need to adapt.

“One Order is taking a step forward to enable this. It will make this information available to revenue accounting in a structured way in real-time.”

The new standard replaces the multiple booking, ticketing, delivery, and accounting methods with one single order management process.

In time the standard will replace multiple legacy records with just one travel document.

Midon said: “Introducing new standards across an industry as complex as travel takes time and industry participation.

“By partnering with British Airways, we’re able to test the One Order process from start to finish, bringing together our technology with British Airways’ travel systems.

“This is because our unique footprint across the travel industry enables both the operational and the financial side of Iata’s One Order to be tested with revenue accounting, from offer creation up to the financials.”

The pilot is currently in the development stage and “end-to-end” testing has started.

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