Expedia’s SilverRail acquisition cost $148M

Expedia’s SilverRail acquisition cost $148M

Filings made by Expedia Inc. show that the OTA paid $148 million to acquire a majority stake in rail distribution platform SilverRail in June.

Of that sum, $138 million was in cash.

On announcement of the deal, the companies – which have been partners since 2010 – pledged to “transform the rail experience”.

Expedia’s filing to the NASDAQ, Expedia said: “We completed our acquisition of a majority stake in a leading rail technology distributor for total consideration of $148 million, which included cash paid of $138 million.

“The acquisition enables us to play a more active role in bringing rail supply online, while working closely with rail carriers.”

Expedia had already been working closely with SilverRail, and began selling its tickets in 2016.

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