Search engine lists most and least expensive European capitals

Search engine lists most and least expensive European capitals

An online bus search engine has created a list of the most affordable European destinations.

Check My Bus found that a single day in Paris cost an average of £189.23 while a day in Latvia’s capital Riga would set a tourist back £59.70.

Europe’s priciest capital city was Copenhagen, where a one-day break sets you back an average of £300 per day, about the same as eight days in Kiev, Ukraine.

Check My Bus said that there are a “multitude of fascinating metropolises” in Eastern Europe for people looking for a low-budget city break.

The price per day was calculated using factors such as accommodation, food and drink, entrance fees for the city’s top attractions and local transport costs. Check My Bus also calculated how many days an average tourist budget of £360 would last in each of the these cities.

A day in Rome worked out at £143.84 per day on average while a day in London is likely to cost tourists £156.

The five cheapest European capitals, in order, were:

  • Kiev
  • Skopje
  • Bucharest
  • Sofia
  • Minsk

The five most expensive, in order, were:

  • Copenhagen
  • Reykjavik
  • Bern
  • Amsterdam
  • Dublin

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