Protected Trust Services ‘completes jigsaw’ with Atol accreditation for its technology

Protected Trust Services ‘completes jigsaw’ with Atol accreditation for its technology

Protected Trust Services (PTS), the software developer for online travel agents and tour operators, has been approved as a franchisee of the UK’s Atol scheme.

The firm, which was previously known as Protected Travel Services, received confirmation this week and described accreditation from the UK regulator as the “final piece in the puzzle”.

It says it can now offer its members a full package of services to allow them to operate fully licenced including taking them through the Atol procedure to merchant services and back-office software.

PTS managing director, Daniel Landen, said: “At PTS we have been dedicated and focused on creating a complete solution offering package regulation compliance, merchant service acquiring and a back-office software solution to support travel businesses.

“PTS have developed an innovative software system that is easy to use and allows travel business to concentrate on their sales and development.

“Our newly appointed Atol franchise is the final piece of the puzzle for PTS to be able to offer a whole package that will support members’ businesses to grow and develop with ease.”

PTS was founded in 2007 and today has 163 niche firms in its membership operating online, ranging from start-ups to largest established members like FlightTrotters.

It says the Atol franchise will let it enhance its offering for niche operators, while targeting larger firms that want technology and support to ensure they are fully compliant and protected but want to control their own supply.

Unlike other accredited Atol bodies, PTS does not operate like a consortium and members are able to add their own suppliers.

PTS says consumer protection and trust are a necessity for any travel company to develop and grow. “We encourage all of our members to do just this – develop, grow and trade with integrity”, Landen added.

PTS anticipates increased demand for Atol solutions with the new EU Package Travel Directive due to be incorporated into UK law next year.


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