BookingTek launches Meetings Maker platform for partner hotels

BookingTek launches Meetings Maker platform for partner hotels

Hospitality technology provider BookingTek has launched a new platform for its partner hotels to make their meeting rooms bookable on their websites.

BookingTek claims the move, which also allows catering and equipment to be booked online, is the first Oracle MICROS Opera-integrated direct meeting booking and payment system.

Meetings Maker has been rolled out to 50 Marriott International hotels and is designed to work with hotels’ existing property management systems (PMS).

Website users can search, view, book, and pay for meetings in “real-time”, with an average booking journey of three and a half minutes.

BookingTek says the technology significantly reduces the cost of handling simple meeting inquiries which it says make up 70 percent of all meeting queries. Booking details are automatically dropped into Opera.

Matthew Stubbs, CEO of BookingTek, said: “We’re proud to have worked with Oracle Hospitality, and to be the first company worldwide to bring a fully integrated solution to market.

“Hotel chains understand the pressing need to launch direct, real-time booking for meetings online. They know that online booking is more convenient for customers and it saves huge amounts of labour and administration at the hotel. The average booking time for a customer with Meetings Maker is just three and a half minutes.

“To date, the challenge has been how to find a way to make sure online meeting bookings integrate seamlessly with the hotel’s PMS and Sales & Catering systems. Hotels have always been reluctant to run multiple customer and inventory databases because it risks double bookings. Meetings Maker with its instant read-write Opera integration finally solves this age-old problem. ”

Last week, Expedia announced that it is rolling out its MICE solution in the UK, having already made it live in Germany.

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