New tech strategy helps eDreams ODIGEO reduce development times by 70%

New tech strategy helps eDreams ODIGEO reduce development times by 70%

A new technology and product strategy has been completed by European OTA eDreams ODIGEO.

The company has reduced its development delivery times by up to 70% over the past year.

This has resulted in “significant growth” in the number of products and releases delivered across its 143 websites worldwide.

The rate at which new releases are launched has tripled, with eDreams ODIGEO delivering a record 130 releases in March, totalling more than 1.000 in the last financial year.

The OTA’s 400 in-house developers have been organised in 50 autonomous teams as part of this new process.

They are making use of advanced agile methodologies such as Kanban to improve development speed.

The company claims to now have the capacity to run up to 3,600 simultaneous tests per day.

This has reduced the time lapse between the ‘ideation’ and product launch phases, which can now be performed in as quickly as 15 minutes.

Chief technology officer Carsten Bernhard said: “Thanks to this agility and efficiency, we have been able to significantly reduce the time it takes us to deliver a product from idea creation, to its release.

“With our scale and speed to market, we not only give our customers better access to a greater range of products, but we are also able to test our ideas with real users more often and more rigorously than our competitors”.

Chief operating officer Gerrit Goedkoop added: “Our technology and product teams have taken great steps to deliver on our ambition to be the leading lean and agile e-commerce business in Europe.”

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