Sweden lists entire country on Airbnb

Sweden lists entire country on Airbnb

Scandinavian tourist board Visit Sweden has partnered with Airbnb to turn the entire country into a listing with the accommodation sharing site.

This is being made possible through the country’s freedom to roam policy which means that all publicly owned land is free and accessible to everyone.

People have the right to access, walk, cycle or camp on any land with the only exceptions being private gardens and land under cultivation.

Visit Sweden USA country manager Jenny Kaiser said: “This is made possible thanks to a Swedish right guaranteed by the constitution – freedom to roam.

“This right enables the Swedish people to experience nature and enjoy the beautiful Swedish wildlife.

“In Sweden we have everything from high mountains to deep forests, from beautiful archipelagos to quiet meadows.

“Now, together with Airbnb, we welcome everyone to come to Sweden and, through freedom to roam, share our wonderful nature.”

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