Digital specialist bd4travel has clinched Travel Republic as its biggest customer in the UK.

Digital specialist bd4travel has clinched Travel Republic as its biggest customer in the UK.

The OTA, which claims more than two million holidaymakers a year, aims to individualise the website experience for users.

Frankfurt-based bd4travel was selected after an extensive trail as the base for its future approach to personalisation.

Bd4travel’s approach to understanding the user was cited as a major reason for the deal.

The company generates detailed user profiles from each visitor in real-time, focusing on what people individually want, instead of just working with averages, segments or personas.

Using the latest Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies, bd4travel’s algorithms predict users’ interest and intent – to select the specific offers from holidays on the Travel Republic website.

The OTA carried out extensive tests of the bd4travel system specifically to evaluate the predictive capabilities of the real-time product recommendations and their effect on customer engagement.

Managing director Ian Simmonds said: “The bd4travel live profiling of every user gives us a predictive precision that was previously not possible. We can now target offers to our clients in the way that suits them and significantly improves their shopping experience.“

Andy Owen-Jones, chief executive of bd4travel, added: “While we are delighted to see their fast adoption and the positive impacts, we are most excited to know that Travel Republic wants to build their own tools on top of our unique user profiles.

“We see a huge potential to innovate by combining the capabilities of such an IT and data driven travel retailer with our self-learning algorithms. Watch this space for future developments.“

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