Frontier Airlines takes on Qubit’s digital customer experience platform

Frontier Airlines takes on Qubit’s digital customer experience platform

American low-cost carrier Frontier Airlines has partnered with Qubit to use its customers’ booking and browsing behaviour to provide “tailor-made” booking journeys.

It will use Qubit’s data-driven service to create a more relevant and personalised customer experience, the company has announced.

Frontier will use its customers’ past purchases and browsing behaviour as indicators and hopes the move will help sell more ancillary products, drive conversions and improve customer loyalty.

Before it signed up with Qubit this week, Frontier has been using A/B testing for optimising its site, which the firm says lacked the ability to personalise.

“In the highly competitive low-cost carrier business, the ability to identify customer needs, interests and preferences during the buying journey are key to making the travel booking experience as simple and trouble-free as possible,” said Frontier Airlines’ Doug Bertram. “We believe Qubit will be an excellent technology partner that will allow us to get the most out of their platform and maximize our investment.”

Frontier Airlines joins more than 300 consumer brands in using Qubit’s digital experience delivery platform, which delivers 12 billion personalized experiences per month.

“Meeting today’s customer expectations can be a huge challenge for even the most popular consumer brands,” said Graham Cooke, chief executive and founder of Qubit. “By mapping the entire customer journey, the right data can be used to deliver gratifying and engaging digital experiences that delight customers, enticing them to return again and again.”

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