Brexit means Brits dodge Europe or go all-inclusive, research suggests

Brexit means Brits dodge Europe or go all-inclusive, research suggests

Brexit has caused the “perfect storm” that has led to 22% of half-term holidaymakers in the UK avoiding Europe, new research suggests.

Global deals publisher Travelzoo polled more than 2,000 people and found that the falling value of the pound combined with concerns over security are having a direct impact on travel to Europe from the UK.

European president Richard Singer said they have noticed a trend towards European all-inclusive deals as a result of the unstable nature of currency exchange.

Although 33% of Britons are planning half term breaks, Travelzoo’s data-crunching found that 22% are avoiding Europe.

Hotspot destinations Spain and France remain in favour but research suggests there is a growing trend towards long-haul holidays with Canada and Australia joint second most popular destinations alongside France this October.

Richard Singer, Travelzoo’s European President, said: “The situation right now could be described as a perfect storm. We have increased pressure on the price of European holidays, caused by the falling value of the pound, combined with two of the key affordable destinations (Sharm el Sheikh and Tunisia) continuing to be off the menu for British holidaymakers.

“Looking outside Europe, destinations popular with Britons continue to suffer from the impact of Zika virus. When we put all of these factors together, it’s understandable that consumers more than ever need guidance on where to book their next holiday.”

Half-term bookings are stable, he added, but said there was “concern” in the Christmas and February half-term market.

“We predict the Canaries will maintain their status as the top destination,” added Singer. “But consumers should bear in mind there are other destinations that could offer better value in the coming months. Gibraltar, Jordan, Muscat, Morocco, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the other Emirates are all looking strong in terms of value for money right now.

The Travelzoo Autumn 2016 Travel Trends found 26% of Britons say they have noticed extra security measures when travelling this year and 54% prepared to undergo further checks to improve security. Meanwhile, 46% say they’re happy to give up biometric data, such as fingerprints and retina scans, while 28% are willing to accept longer queues and delays, in exchange for improved security.

And 41% said they are now actively avoiding destinations hit by terrorist attacks, 34% said they are more likely to holiday in the UK while 11% said they are more likely to book an all-inclusive package when travelling to Europe to ensure they get the best possible value for money.

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